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Industry welcomes first lab-grown ‘all diamond’ ring

13 February 2019

'Project D' lab-grown 'all diamond' ring


The world’s first ring made entirely from a laboratory-grown diamond was launched recently by Dutch Diamond Technologies (DD).

The ring, dubbed Project D, was graded by HRD Antwerp. It was forged from a 155-carat rough CVD lab-grown diamond that was polished using laser cutting and traditional techniques into a ring with 133 facets, compared to 57 for a standard brilliant cut.

Project D has a total weight of 3,865 carats. It wasn’t until 2017 that it became technically possible to grow monocrystalline lab-grown diamond plates large enough to craft a ring.

According to HRD Antwerp, this is not the first ring to be created from a single diamond. In 2011, Swiss jeweller Shawish unveiled the world’s first wearable ring made from a single crystal of natural diamond.

The quality and carat weight of CVD synthetic diamonds have increased drastically over the last ten years. It takes up to five weeks to grow a diamond plate of this exceptional size in a laboratory, noted the lab.

In its lab-grown diamond grading report, HRD Antwerp said the ring is an E colour diamond with a VVS2 clarity grade, as well as very good polish and excellent symmetry.