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Alrosa displays exceptional pink diamonds in Russia

14 February 2019

14.83-carat pink diamond

20.69-carat yellow diamond


Russian diamantaire Alrosa is showcasing a collection of large fancy colour diamonds, headlined by unique pink, bright yellow and pink-purple gems, in Moscow.

The star of the show is a pink oval diamond weighing 14.83 carats – the largest pink diamond in the history of Russia. It was cut from a gem mined in 2017 at the Ebelyakh deposit in Yakutia, Russia and became the largest pink diamond ever to have been mined in Russia, according to Alrosa.

“Pink diamonds are considered to be the rarest and most precious of diamonds. The size and clarity of this particular specimen in our exhibit makes it one of the best to have been discovered anywhere in the world in recent years. This diamond will be the most expensive in the history of Russia’s gem-cutting industry,” said Yury Okoyemov, Deputy CEO of Alrosa.

The largest stone in the exhibition is a deep yellow asscher-cut diamond, weighing 20.69 carats. It was cut from a raw crystal with a rare honey hue, which weighed 34.17 carats and was the largest yellow diamond mined in Russia in 2017.

The pink and yellow diamonds will be transferred to the Gemological Institute of America for certification.