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Colourful collection from Harry Winston

19 February 2019

Winston Candy ring with a 6.15-carat red spinel centre stone

Winston Candy ring with a 16.69-carat mandarin garnet centre gem

Winston Candy ring with a 16.32-carat red spinel centre stone

Winston Candy ring with a 13.51-carat tsavorite centre stone


The House of Harry Winston is unveiling the Winston Candy Collection, featuring a series of cocktail rings adorned with exceptional coloured gemstones.

The Winston Candy Collection highlights coloured centre stones paired with diamonds and other gems in complementing shades. “From the finest mandarin garnets to rare tourmalines, pastel sapphires and lively spinels, these magnificent stones are superior among others in its family and exemplify the extraordinary qualities synonymous with Harry Winston,” the company said.

Harry Winston said it will continue to introduce new designs under the Winston Candy portfolio.

The initial offering consists of four unique Winston Candy rings, with the full collection to be revealed in mid-March.