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Gemfields opens modern sorting house

22 February 2019

Gemfields' new ruby sorting house


Gemfields has unveiled a state-of-the art, US$15-million ruby sorting house at the Montepuez Ruby Mine (MRM) in Mozambique.

The first of its kind in the coloured gemstone industry, it is expected to be on a par with the best diamond facilities in the world, the company said. This facility will allow MRM to consistently deliver a greater volume and spectrum of responsibly sourced rubies to the global market.

It will likewise help raise production levels significantly. It works by using the natural properties of rubies as a means of automated sorting.

MRM is also organising the first group of Mozambican gemmologists specialised in the selection and classification of rubies, which marks a substantial step for the ruby industry.   

The facility will see improved productivity, more efficient production, a reduced margin of error and, in the medium and long term, a reduction in production costs. The increase in production and expansion in workforce not only benefits the local communities, it also generates greater contribution to the national economy through taxes. This means a greater positive impact for the people of Mozambique, noted Gemfields.