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DPA launches ‘For Me, From Me’ campaign

28 February 2019


The Diamond Producers Association (DPA) has launched the third wave of its “Real is Rare, Real is a Diamond” campaign that focuses on female self-purchasing.

Entitled “For Me, From Me,” the campaign is inspired by the natural diamond industry’s strongest growth engine, "women self-purchase," which today represents one-third of all diamond jewellery sales in the US, a US$43-billion diamond market that grew 4 percent in 2017, according to De Beers Group data.

“Previous ‘Real is Rare, Real is a Diamond’ campaigns established diamonds as the ultimate symbol of realness and authenticity in love and in life,” said Kristina Buckley Kayel, managing director of North America for the DPA. “Our latest campaign celebrates the distinct pride and joy women feel in purchasing a diamond for themselves, a celebration of self that is beautifully embodied by the enduring qualities of a natural diamond. It’s timely for the diamond industry to acknowledge the different needs and mindset of the female self-purchaser and position itself to optimally service her.”

DPA’s qualitative research conducted in 2018 helped uncover why women consider natural diamonds the ultimate self-luxury: These can be worn every day with any outfit, last a lifetime, can be passed down, and are a good investment because they retain their value, added Kayel.