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IDE to expand Diamond Exchange complex in Israel

9 April 2019

Ramat Gan, Israel


The Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) is building a 120-story tower within the Diamond Exchange complex. The tower is envisioned to be the tallest building in Israel and one of the ten tallest in the world. 

The building will expand the size of the Diamond Exchange complex to 800,000sqm from the 100,000sqm, according to IDE. Parts of the new area will be allocated for use by bourse members and the rest will be leased to other business entities.

The project is being promoted by the Ramat Gan Municipality and will include two additional skyscrapers of 88 stories and 77 stories, expanding the number of towers on land owned by IDE to six.

IDE President Yoram Dvash commented, “We have a vision to expand and upgrade the complex to a bustling business centre and city centre for Ramat Gan, which is no less big and ambitious than the vision of the diamantaires in the 1960s.”

The architectural plan is designed to connect the new complex with the Tel Aviv central railroad station and with the light rail line that is being built. This is expected to turn the Ramat Gan city centre into one large modern business complex, IDE said.