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KGK reinforces CSR efforts through India-based cancer facility

10 April 2019

The Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital & Research Centre


Major diamond and gemstone manufacturer KGK Group is highlighting the importance of corporate social responsibility in the gem and jewellery sector through a medical programme aimed at assisting cancer-afflicted children in India.

The Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital & Research Centre or BMCHRC was established in 1996 as a flagship cancer treatment facility in Rajasthan. The hospital is fully funded by KGK.

“KGK’s core philosophy revolves around its commitment to improving the lives of the less-privileged by empowering them with innovation and sustainable solutions,” the company said. “Moving well beyond its business activities, the KGK Group ensures to undertake diverse community engagement initiatives.” One of these is the BMCHRC. 

In August 2014, the hospital initiated the “Donate A Life programme,” aimed at extending free treatment for treatable blood cancer in children aged 1 to 14. 

Aside from a fully funded treatment, the programme also offers internationally approved chemotherapy protocols; an excellent cure rate of over 90 percent; and experienced and competent medical staff, among others. At the moment, 74 patients have been declared cancer-free while 19 new patients are undergoing treatment. 

In India, cancer in children constitutes 5.5 percent of total cancer cases every year. However only one in 10 cases receive complete therapy, according to KGK. Cure rates for common childhood cancers like lymphoma and leukaemia are at 30 percent, compared to over 80 percent in developed countries, revealed the company.