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June Fair to cast spotlight on coloured gems

25 April 2019

Buyers at a previous edition of the June Hong Kong Fair

Sapphire ring by Caram eK

Coloured gems from Sara Gem

Unheated ruby brooch by Richman Jewelry


Rubies, sapphires and emeralds of the finest colours are among the top draws of the June Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair, a B2B show scheduled for June 20 to 23 at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre (HKCEC).

“The June Fair, with its high concentration of established coloured gemstone dealers, offers buyers an unmatched opportunity to source the ‘Big Three’ of the gemstone world – both loose and set in jewellery – in a range of prices and qualities,” remarked Celine Lau, director for Jewellery Fairs at UBM Asia, an Informa Plc company. “These gemstones are steeped in myths and legends, and desired by many for centuries because of their beauty and rarity. They are also the standards against which other red, blue and green gemstones are measured.”

The June Fair is famed for its Fine Gem Pavilion, which will once again occupy the HKCEC’s Grand Hall alongside the Fine Design Pavilion. The Gemstone Pavilion, and country, region and association zones (including the International Colored Gemstone Association Pavilion) will also provide a seamless gemstone sourcing experience to buyers.

Prized for its pure and vibrant red colour, the ruby will be the core attraction of several exhibitors, including Htay Paing Gems Co Ltd of Myanmar, a major supplier of fine Burmese rubies and jewellery collections that show off the gem’s magnificence. 

Taiwan-based Rare Gems will likewise present fine-quality stones and jewellery suites set with rubies. Saboo Fine Jewels (HK), which has been in the business of cutting and polishing gemstones and jewellery manufacturing for generations, will also shine the spotlight on “Pigeon’s Blood” rubies.

The sapphire, a gemstone associated with nobility and faithfulness, will take pride of place at Germany-based Caram eK’s stand. One of the gemstone dealer’s fine jewellery pieces is a ring with an 8-carat cornflower blue Burmese sapphire in a rock crystal. 

Unique Brilliant Ltd of Hong Kong aims to delight buyers with its tightly curated selection of high jewellery, which includes a ring with an oval-shaped 24.13-carat Padparadscha sapphire centre gem from Sri Lanka. The pinkish-orange stone comes with gemstone reports from four labs, according to the company.

Paul Wild OHG, which is known for melding age-old craftsmanship and innovative manufacturing to its gemstone cutting operations, will showcase top-quality gemstone suites including a multicolour sapphire necklace layout with a total carat weight of 154.25.

Veerasak Gems, Sara Gem, Sukhadia Stones, Tory Jewelry, FEI and Universal Gems (1961) are also anticipated to impress show attendees with their extensive collections of rubies and sapphires, led by single stones, matched pairs and layouts.

Coveted for their rarity and lush green colour that has long been associated with spring and prosperity, emeralds also have an appeal that has transcended trends and endured for centuries. 4G’s Trading, EMCO Gem Inc, Emerald Mines Ltd, Green Gems, Joseph Gad and Michael Gad are among the exhibitors that will be offering emeralds sourced from Colombia, Brazil, Zambia and other gemstone localities.

The June Fair will feature more than 2,000 exhibitors from 38 countries and regions and from a broad cross-section of the industry. It is divided into well-defined theme and group pavilions spread across 70,000 square metres of exhibition space at the HKCEC. 

The 20 theme pavilions are Diamonds; Gemstones; Pearls; Corals; Fine Design Pavilion/Fine Gem Pavilion; CORE; Fei Cui Gallery; Antique & Vintage Jewellery; Designer Arena; Fine Jewellery; Fashion Jewellery; Finished Jewellery; Silver Jewellery; Stainless Steel Jewellery; Jewellery Accessories; Jewellery Mountings; Technology; Packaging, Tools & Equipment and Gemmological Laboratories.

The fair is also highlighting 18 group pavilions led by countries, regions and trade associations.