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Modern designs, historical jewels at HK auction

30 April 2019

Sri Lankan sapphire earrings

Emerald and diamond brooch by Cartier

Diamond-studded butterfly brooch by Graff


A wide range of fine jewellery adorned with rare sapphires, rubies, emeralds and fancy colour diamonds is taking centre stage at Phillips Hong Kong Jewels and Jadeite Spring Sale scheduled for May 27.

Also featured in the sale are Ashoka® cut diamonds, iconic pieces of modern and vintage jewellery by renowned makers, as well as fine jadeites in traditional forms and contemporary designs.
Terry Chu, head of Jewellery at Phillips Asia, said, “We are pleased to present a carefully curated auction showcasing both contemporary and vintage jewellery design with a modern sensibility, from the iconic Graff ‘Butterfly’ diamond brooch to the unique Art Deco Mauboussin gem-set and diamond sautoir necklace.”

A highlight of the auction is a pair of Kashmir sapphire ear-clips signed by Harry Winston. Hailing from the legendary mine of Kashmir, the two specimens of matching size and cut display the iconic blue hue that remains constant regardless of the light source – a distinctive attribute of Kashmir sapphires that makes them highly covetable, according to the auction house.

Exceptional Sri Lankan sapphires, vintage jewellery and dazzling diamond pieces are also expected to turn heads at the sale.