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Technology, trends top ICA Congress agenda

4 July 2019


The 19th International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA) Congress, scheduled for October 12 to 15 in Bangkok, will shed light on relevant issues in the coloured gemstone sector such as technology and market trends, among others.

The biennial event gives industry experts a platform to share their latest knowledge and insights with members of the trade and industry professionals, event organisers said.

“As Bangkok is the world’s largest coloured stone trading and processing hub, we have an immense opportunity to create great awareness about coloured stones to a global audience,” remarked Prida Tiasuwan, chairman of ICA Congress 2019.

This year's edition will also have the largest representation of female speakers and the first representation of artisanal miners on an international platform, added Tiasuwan.

Pertinent topics will range from rubies to mining, technology, designs, market trends, and social responsibility, to name a few.

ICA was founded in 1984 and now comprises over 700 gem industry leaders from mine to market, including miners, cutters, suppliers, retailers, trade associations, gemmological laboratories, academia, and museums, from 47 countries.

The congress will involve a great deal of business sessions among attendees as well as a cocktail cruise, gala dinner and an awards ceremony for a poster competition, whose theme is “Gemstone – a genuine treasure to hold on to.”

Congress participants also have an opportunity to visit important centres of coloured gemstone trade in Thailand.