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De Beers Jewellers pays homage to nature

2 September 2019

Electric Cichlid bracelet


A new collection of nature-inspired high-jewellery pieces by De Beers Jewellers, aptly named Portraits of Nature, is out to dazzle the gemstone and jewellery world. 

The jewellery pieces, presented during the Paris Haute Couture Week, took over a year to make, according to the company. 

Designed by the De Beers Design Studio, the pieces took inspiration from light that reflects off wild creatures’ bodies as well as their striking colours and textures – “the iridescence of a butterfly’s wings in the sun, the scintillating shimmer of fish, the chameleon’s dramatic displays,” noted De Beers.

Portraits of Nature is the brand’s largest high-jewellery collection to date, according to the company. It comprises five sets that highlight the tonalities of rare fancy colour diamonds, a counterpoint to the pristine clarity of white diamonds. Both polished and rough diamonds have been selected to bring textural depth to each piece.

Some pieces are detachable, making them flexible and versatile. Each set also features a medallion, a piece at the heart of the brand’s aesthetic.