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Fabergé’s famed egg pendant gets festive update

17 October 2019

Fabergé Frog Prince Surprise pendant

Fabergé Shoe Surprise pendant

Fabergé pendant with an eternity emerald ring


Renowned jeweller Fabergé is unveiling its latest collection of rose gold egg pendants in time for the holidays.

The 18-karat-gold jewellery pieces are handmade by Fabergé’s craftsmen and set with either diamonds, emeralds or rubies. Each pendant opens to reveal a surprise miniature treasure.

The Fabergé Heart Surprise pendants, for instance, contain either a Mozambique ruby or a Zambian emerald from coloured gemstone expert Gemfields. Lacquered by hand, the Pink Butterfly Surprise pendant meanwhile has wings, adorned with two pink sapphires. Shoe aficionados may fancy two high-heeled Shoe Surprises, each decorated with either a diamond or a ruby. 

Other pieces include a Frog Prince Surprise with a Zambian emerald crown and a Forget-Me-Not flower pendant with sapphires. Fabergé also included eternity rings showcasing either a Zambian emerald or a diamond.

The jewellery pieces, including the gold colour, surprise treasure and gemstones, may be customised. The exterior of the pendant can also be engraved with a personal message, noted Fabergé.