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CIBJO forms lab-grown diamond committee

22 November 2019

Gaetano Cavalieri (far left), president of CIBJO, at the CIBJO Congress in Bahrain. He is joined on the podium by members of the working group of the newly formed Laboratory-Grown Diamond Committee


The 2019 CIBJO Congress concluded in Bahrain on a positive note, with the establishment of a series of new committees, including a team dedicated to the laboratory-grown diamond trade. 

CIBJO or the World Jewellery Confederation established the Laboratory-Grown Diamond Committee, which is tasked to set up operating practices specific to the lab-grown diamond business.

Gaetano Cavalieri, president of CIBJO, commented, “Our objective is to establish a set of working rules that will enable the natural and laboratory-grown diamond sectors to work alongside each other, enabling both to grow and flourish, not at the expense of the other, while maintaining the consumer’s trust and confidence.” 

Also launched at the Congress was a new Technology Committee, which is expected to look into technological disruptions that are likely to impact the industry in the coming years.

Among these is Artificial Intelligence, which could be transformative for the jewellery and gemstone sector, noted CIBJO.

Hosted by DANAT, the annual congress was held from November 18 to 20, with about 220 attendees.