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Busch offers latest tool to create pavé settings

28 November 2019

PavéCut by German company Busch


Busch Gmbh & Co KG of Germany recently introduced PavéCut as part of its HighTech-Tools series.

The tool, which can be recognised by the gold marking on its shaft, is used for cutting pavé settings. Among its special features is the combination of a twist drill and round bur in a single tool.

“The PavéCut consolidates two work steps into one: Pre-drilling with a twist drill and shaping and enlargement with a round bur. This saves time, increases precision and optimises the result,” noted the company.

Similar with other tools from the HighTech series that are already in the market, the PavéCut is made of hot isostatically compressed finest-grain carbide, revealed Busch. 

“Very hard jewellery materials pose no hindrance,” it added.