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18K Diamond Stacking Rings
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5C Hong Kong Limited

The 5C Group is a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of diamonds, diamond jewellery, and fashion jewellery, with production plants in Europe and Asia. 5C is able to maximize its volume production and contract manufacturing services through complete vertical integration, from buying rough diamonds, manufacturing the finest make of polished diamonds, to creating the highest quality of diamond jewellery.

Stringent quality control is applied at every phase of the supply chain and only the best diamonds are selected for our jewellery.

5C’s extensive collection of designs reflects the needs of global jewellery markets. We believe that buying jewellery should be an enjoyable task. Therefore, our sales team strives to give all our customers the best personal service possible.

Confidence, Competitive value, Customer service and Commitment, together comprise the 5th C of the diamond industry - precisely what you will find at 5C.

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