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ABC Gold Tael Donut 一两黃金


ABC Bullion (HK) Limited

Trading continuously since 1972, ABC Bullion is Australasia’s largest independent bullion dealer. Our brand of precious metal is widely regarded as one of the cornerstones of the Australian physical gold trading system.

Through its network of offices and dealers in Australia and Hong Kong (SAR), ABC Bullion provides the following services:

  • Bullion Sales, Trading and Buy Backs

    Fully Insured Bullion Storage

    Logistic Solutions for Global Delivery

All ABC Bullion products are proudly produced by ABC Refinery. ABC Refinery is the only independent LBMA accredited gold refinery in Australia.

Email : [email protected]

自1972年業務開始拓展以來,ABC Bullion是澳大利亞最大的獨立黃金交貿商,其貴金屬品牌被廣泛譽為是澳大利亞實物黃金交易系統的奠基石。

透過在澳大利亞和香港兩地辦事處和經銷商網路,ABC Bullion可提供以下服務:

  • - 黃金和白銀錠銷售、貿易及回購

    - 提供完善保險的貴金屬錠庫存

    - 付運至全球各大小城市

所有ABC Bullion的金銀錠及其它產品均由ABC Refinery生產。ABC Refinery是澳大利亞其一獲得LBMA(倫敦金銀市場協​​會)認可交收的黃金精鍊廠。

電郵 : [email protected]

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