Children's Jewelry Set
  • #Silver


Advance Manufacturers Co Ltd

Advance Manufacturers Co Ltd was established in 1989 and we produce high quality gold, silver and brass jewelry in our factory located in Bangkok, Thailand. Our workforce consists of 300 highly skilled workers with decades of experience in jewelry manufacturing. At Advance Mfr, we offer both OEM and ODM manufacturing at competitive prices with consistent and reliable service. We have roughly 2000 in-house designs and we place a big emphasis on product development. Our product development team consists of product managers, experienced model makers, CAD and sketch designers who work closely together to keep our collection fresh and updated. We passionately study market trends via multiple platforms including fashion & jewelry blogs, social media & influencers and industry publications to come up ways to offer a mixture of classic and modern designs to our customers on a regular basis. We are wholeheartedly committed to pursuing the satisfaction of our clients and maintaining long lasting business relationships.

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