Amber ring with 14ct gold
Amber ring with 14ct gold
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Gem Pracownia Bursztynu Wiesława Marcinkowska

Gem Amber is a Polish jewellery company with almost 20 years of tradition in the manufacture of exclusive amber jewellery. Our specialization is the production of unique red amber which are purified with the use of 100% original natural methods. We are also specialists in combining modern technologies od production with the best traditional ways of jewelry finishing. In recent years, we have developed our capabilities in the field of new jewelery creation and design. Since 2017, we have start our own design studio, responsible for creating a modern, dedicated and exclusive jewelry collections for our clients. Most of our products are exported to Asian markets. We constantly trying to match the offer to the current needs of our partners. We are open to new challenges. If you are looking for trusted supplier of precious stones, a jewellery company whose products are distinguished by unique design and quality of execution or a business partner - arrange a meeting with us.

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