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Diamond Gauge
Gem gauge/diamond gauge/jewelry gauge with High precision

compact digital Gauge
Diamond Gauge
Digital Gauge, Mini Gauge
Measuring Gauge, pocket gauge
compact gauge, gem gauge

We supply a professional range of the highest quality measuring gauges & calipers to allow you to have accurate appraisals, ease of operation and a life time of performance. All at competitive prices giving you great customer satisfaction.Using a well responsive and well functioning measuring tool is highly important for all the intricate operations in your work as a professional trades person. Choosing our gauges gives you the confidence you require in every calculation you make. Our measuring gauges, the professionals choice for accuracy and ease of use!

Mini Digital Gauge or Compact Digital Diamond Gauge
Product Size: Size: 88.5 x 47.4 x 14.4mm
Measures in: 0-25mm by 0.01mm

This compact digital gem gauge/Measuring Gauge/Gauge /diamond digital gauge is excellent for convenience and accuracy. Zero can be set at any position using the zero button; also you can lock the gauge at any position using the locking screw making it easy to select comparable size stones. Simply change between millimeters and inches by using the interchange button. Comes packaged in a quality compact case


Shenzhen Dikai Industrial Co Ltd

DiKai Tools, (Shenzhen Dikai Industrial Co., Ltd.), manufacturer of the new GemTrue™ Diamond and Gemological equipment range was established in 2004 as an English/Chinese managed company based in China. At Dikai we specialize in manufacturing quality Diamond, Gemological tools and equipment for the professional. All of our staff are picked for their experience and knowledge of working in this field allowing us to assure a high quality and exceptional product. We work hard to supply our customers with the highest quality products and at the same time giving a competitive price. Our sales team is always here to help you meet all your needs and requirements. With more than fifteen years of experience in manufacturing high precision tools for the Diamond, Jewellery and Gemological business. We are always looking to improve our products and give you exactly what you need so if you have any ideas for new products or modifications that you think will assist in your business we are happy to receive your comments.

Our main products are Diamond & Moissanite Testers, Gemological Instruments, Measuring Gauges, Loupes, Digital Scales, Diamond Display Boxes and Stands, Tweezers, and Diamond Tool Kits. All of our Products are exported worldwide to major gemological institutions and companies. We aim to please our customers and offer them a professional high quality product, service and after sales service. All at a competitive price!


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