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Dov Diamonds (1999) Ltd

Being a second-generation diamond dealer, Shlomo Dov Shimshowitz (known as Shitzo), is well familiar in the diamond industry and has been dealing in the business since the early 1970s. Shlomo had started the business in France, targeting the European market. Upon his return to Israel, "Dov Diamonds" was founded in 1983 at the heart of the Diamond Exchange market in Ramat Gan, Israel. Since then the company has been a leading factor in manufacturing and cutting polished diamonds, tailored to the customers need. Facing towards the future, the company is already well established in the American, European and Asian markets and has solid connections in those areas. Now with over 20 personnel working together, our motto is to give you professional, efficient and personal service, according to customers’ needs. Our team combines top diamond dealers with over 40 years of experience and a work force of skilled gemologist and sorters. We offer a one-stop-shop to all types of diamonds, from stars to large goods, certified and non certified round and fancy shapes. We will be happy to assist with any inquiry you may have.

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