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GL Web-Based Inventory System
Monitor all your assets in the inventory easily throughout their entire life cycle from procurement to disposal, and schedule automated periodic scans QR code or barcode or RFID tag and configure alerts for software updates, stock status and more....

MOQ : 1
Unit Price (US$) : 2500.00
Lead Time : 3 – 4 weeks


Gold Label Technology Ltd

Gold Label - Working smarter, faster, better begins here Gold Label was found in 2006 primarily focused on labeling and hardware’s selling. We started as a label factory in China Shenzhen and quickly started selling our own labels, ribbons and Auto-ID products through Exhibition ad campaigns and directly sales approach. We also launched our website selling products from some of the most popular manufacturers like Zebra, Honeywell, TSC…etc. We now as a Zebra & Honeywell strategy partner, our expertise delivers tangible benefits to customers who require a Total Solution (Hardware’s + Programs + Consumables) to manage their operations which are being smooth.

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