Pakistan SWAT Polished emeralds (calibrated size, cabochon)
High quality, vivid green & high grade of transparency (rare in the market);
several cents-1 ct;
accept orders.


Guangzhou CloudWalker Jewel Co Ltd

Guangzhou CloudWalker Jewel Co., Ltd. was established in August 2018. With the calling of the Belt & Road Initiative and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, CloudWalker takes root in the Pakistani gem mines, cooperating with the local leading mining family to exploit mineral resources, and committing to build a communication channel for China-Pakistan trade cooperation. The company currently uses the high-quality SWAT emeralds produced in the SWAT, Pakistan as the entry point. And the production chain covers three parts: rough emeralds, polished emeralds & emerald jewelry. Based on our own long-term cooperation networks in Pakistan, CloudWalker Jewel can provide high-quality SWAT rough emeralds, from below 10 cents to 10 ct+ which are rare in the market, in large quantities and on a long-term basis. And relying on superior processing plants, we can supply high-quality SWAT emeralds for the watch bezel in addition to calibrated sizes & free-size emeralds.

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