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As a gemmological laboratory we engage in analysing and interpreting the scientific characteristics of gemstones. We disclose this information to our clients and the trade in our Gemmological Reports. Further to this, the insights gleaned from our research are disseminated by means of publications as well as presentations published in scientific journals for an academic audience, and in magazines and news journals for the gemstone trade professional, the retailer and the broader public.


Gubelin Gem Lab Ltd

The Gübelin Gem Lab was founded in 1923 as a small gemmological laboratory to examine and determine the authenticity of the stones used in Gübelin’s jewellery. This was a way to maintain the trust of its clients and stay true to its ideals. Since then the Gübelin Gem Lab has grown to become one of the most respected institutions of its kind in the world. A completely independent subsidiary of the Gübelin Group, the Gübelin Gem Lab uses the latest science and state-of-the-art equipment to carry out its analyses. On the basis of this it issues its highly respected Gemmological Reports, which are relied upon by famous auction houses, royal families, jewellers, gem traders, and collectors globally who are looking for unbiased, independent and absolutely trustworthy opinions about their gems.

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