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Irys App for DIAMONDS
Irys App for Diamonds is a versatile solution which unites carat based trace-ability required for loose stone lots with the piece based trace-ability for certified stones. Certified stone details along with one or more certificate images can be accessed instantly. It assists a diamantaire to automate and streamline the daily business processes fast & accurately.

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Irys Pte Ltd

We are a RFID Specialist focused on conceptualizing and developing smarter jewelry management solutions based on track and trace IoT technologies. We bring an array of intelligent solutions that helps jewellery businesses automate and streamline their operations and maximize business gains. Our clients globally use our innovative solutions in manufacturing, retail, wholesale environment besides tradeshows and exhibitions. WE HELP YOU… KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE AND WHERE IT IS? ENSURE RIGHT GOODS AT RIGHT PLACE SERVE YOUR CUSTOMERS BETTER UNDERSTAND BUSINESS TRENDS In short, we innovate to deliver intelligent yet simple, best-fit solutions.

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