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Koras® Microfiltration MIF
This Microfiltration unit, built by KORAS, separates all solid particles bigger than 0.2µm from liquids.
Therefore, up to 100% of precious metal residues are recovered from grinding-, polishing-, ultrasonic- and rinse water. System performance from 10 l/h up to 10.000 l/h!

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Koras GmbH

KORAS® GmbH offers complex solutions in the field of the precious metal recycling technology, including also refining, gold recovery, wastewater treatment, incinerators and exhaust systems, surface- and laboratory-technology. Thorsten Koras, founder of the company, is in touch with the market and understands the needs of customers. He is a technology expert with more than 30 years of experience: Customers on all five continents benefit from his expertise, reliable advice and economic solutions. For more than eight years, KORAS® GmbH is active on the market and is continuously developing several innovative and economic systems in the premium class. In addition to our well-known electro-polishing machine Aqua-Pol® 100 we completed the product-series with the Aqua-Pol® Micro and the Aqua-Pol® Picco. Now we are ready to supply electro-polishing units according to each operational requirement.

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