Korite 18K Column Pendant
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Korite USA Ltd

KORITE is the direct source of the finest Ammolite available. Since 1979, KORITE has been the largest, most trusted source of the world’s finest Ammolite. The company controls more than 90 per cent of the world’s known Ammolite resources. KORITE’s mine is the only fully operational, year-round commercial Ammolite mine in the entire world. KORITE is Canada’s most respected Ammolite discovery company, leading the industry in environmental and ethical mining practices. History of Ammolite Ammolite is Canada’s Gem. It is a rare, precious and colorful gemstone found primarily in Southern Alberta’s Bearpaw Formation in Canada. Ammolite was classified in 1981 as a true gemstone by the World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO). The multiple colors of the stone is created by refraction of light passing through the many layers of the Ammolite shell. Each gem is unique in brilliance, color and pattern. KORITE offers world-class products and has proven that its products sell in a number of markets to many demographics. Ammolite is highly celebrated by Asians, tourists and local, and American tourists, traveling via cruise ships. KORITE Ammolite can be found in over 28 countries.

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