Equipment and Supplies

Equipment and Supplies
50W 100W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Gold Silver Brass Sheet
一、Product Overview
LB-FC Adopted the latest fiber laser source and high-speed scanning cutting system, combined with X-Y precision movement module structure. Stable output power, good optical mode, excellent beam quality and wide application materials. Fully meet customer’s demand for mass production. No malfunction with long time operation, zero maintenance. Especially for thin metal sheet cutting.

二、Technical Parameters

Model LB-FC50 LB-FC100
Laser type Fiber Laser source Fiber Laser source
Cooling system Air-cooling Air-cooling
Laser Power ≤50W ≤100W
Laser Wavelength 1064nm 1064nm
Beam Quality <1.8 <1.8
Laser Frequency 1Hz~1000Hz 1Hz~1000Hz
Pulse Width 10-350ns 10-350ns
Cutting area 100×100mm 100×100mm
XY Table 200×200mm 200×200mm
Cutting Thickness ≤1mm ≤1.5mm
Cutting Speed 0-100mm/s
(0.8mm/s SS304) 0-200mm/s
(1.5mm/s SS304)
Machine Power 1000W 1500W
Min.Line Width 0.01mm 0.01mm
Repeated precision ±0.02mm ±0.02mm
Power Supply AC220V/50Hz 5A AC220V/50Hz 5A
Machine Dimensions 650mm×850mm×1450mm 650mm×850mm×1450mm

三、Technical Features
1. Adopted fiber laser source,high electro-optical conversion efficiency
2. Using high speed cutting head with stable performance
3. Specially developed for thin metal sheet, joint-cutting size can be adjusted.
4. With laser marking function,one model for multi-purpose.
5. Cutting area can be customized-made according to customer’s requirements
6. Air-cooling, no consumables, low operation cost, power & energy saving.
7. One modular design, easy maintenance, small volume can save more space in workshop.
8. Environmental-protecting & permanent marking to meet RoHS standard.

四、Product application
Application for cutting metal materials, such as gold,silver, stainless steel, aluminum...and other thin metal sheet.

Jewelry, metal crafts,Precision machinery, sanitary fittings, measuring and cutting tools, clocks, glasses, electronic components, electrical appliances, metal jewelry, hardware and tools, mobile communications components, auto parts, plastics, medical equipment, construction material pipes and other high-precision marking on objects.


Dongguan Lead Boom Photoelectronic Co Ltd

Dongguan Leadboom Photoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of R&D, producing and selling laser machinery, the main products included fiber laser marking machine, laser engraving machine, CO2 laser marking machine, laser welding machine, laser cutting machine, laser stripping machine and so on. All the kinds of machines is widely used in different fields with high precision: jewelry, hardware tool, stainless steel, aluminum, LED lighting, auto accessories, clocks and watches, electronic components, food package, beverage, industrial plastic...etc. Currently, our machines have been successfully sold to South East Asia, Europe, South America, South Africa, Middle East. Our devices have received positive feedback from our customers. We are striving for a higher goal to extend our selling network to all over the world. Warmly welcome overseas and domestic customers to cooperate with us!

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