Meena Diam (HK) Limited

MEENA DIAM (HK) Ltd. was established in 1980 in Mumbai (India). MEENA DIAM (HK) LTD has been serving the Diamond Industry since 30 years now and we have established a stable and repeated customer base locally as well as globally by providing World Class Quality Diamonds consistently and as per the clients’ requirement. Our Surat (India) and Bhavnagar (India) Diamond Manufacturing companies have world class infrastructure and are located strategically where diamond manufacturing overheads are very low. Our aim is to examine the minutest aspect of our business and perform each activity optimally to achieve excellence. We are trying to supply diamonds directly to the Companies who are manufacturing Jewelry, removing the brokers, traders and commission agents to reduce cost of diamonds to manufacturers and in turn to the end consumers. We are manufacturing wide range of Full Cut Diamond and Single Cut Diamond, Tapers - Baguette and  in all sizes and all colors (WHITE, TTLB, TTLC) in wide range of price.

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