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RFID Smart Tray for Jewelry


Megasoft Limited

Specialising in IoT solutions for the retail environment, Myndar develops intelligent brand technology that promises jewellery and watches brands greater profitability, higher security and profound business insights.

Myndar's in-house hardware and software R&D team designs, develops and deploys innovative products and solutions based on RFID, Bluetooth and NFC.

Myndar innovations revolutionise how the retail environment operates by providing a new, holistic view of the business. The unique approach to retail infrastructure and analytics drives growth with a fusion of technology, data, people, products and places.

Myndar is a division of Megasoft Limited, a company widely respected worldwide for its retail technology innovations.

Winner of the GS1 RFID Award for 5 consecutive years, Megasoft is recognized as a pioneer enterprise in RFID technology, who encourages and fosters the development of IoT devices and the IoT environment.

Megasoft is also a repeat winner of the HKICT award.

In 2014, Myndar's award-winning innovation earned another remarkable triumph in Geneva, The Gold Award – International Inventions, for its latest product, mTray.

Myndar is a trusted partner and solutions provider with a proven successful track record among reputable customers.

Ultimately, Myndar develops intelligence that builds brands.

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