Karat Gold Chain
Karat Gold Chains with diamond cut in various designs and colors
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Mongkon Mahakit Co Ltd

Mongkon Mahakit Co Ltd is one of the leading gold chain manufacturers in Thailand. Having been in the gold chain business for more than 20 years, we are very well established and widely renowned in the gold jewelry industry, both local and international, for our production of high-quality gold chain and jewelry from 8K to 24K. Our substantial experience and expertise in gold chain production gained over the past decades set us apart from many other manufacturers in this region. Together with our countless number of cutting-edge chain making machines from Italy, we have a strong team of experienced technicians, product developers, craftsmen, and quality assurance who share the same desire of maintaining the highest product quality throughout the production processes. The result from all these aspects is simply top quality gold chain and jewelry products we can deliver to you at competitive price compared to other suppliers in the market. Apart from product quality and design, customer service and support is also our company’s top priority We are driven by our mission to provide an honest wholesales service that our customers can rely on. Our high production capacity and flexibility is one of our most important strengths that ensures our products are delivered on time and are properly customized to meet any customer’s special requirements. Above all, we ensure customer satisfaction by providing full support and guarantee on quality and purity of our products.

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