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Murao Co Ltd

Our company was founded since 1972 and started as a manufacturer of gold and platinum products.
We have a factory in Chiba city ,near Tokyo, and manufacture top quality products, rings, machin made chains and jewelry parts in the industry. In the factory, all equipments that make jewelry such as knitting machins, press machins, cast machins are equipped.
Our products are distributed by manufacturer, wholesaler, department store, jewelry retailer and chain store network, and accepted all customers because we have our own high quality standard.
And we can act swiftly to make OEM products for our customers through jewelry desighners in our company.
The products(chains, parts ,etc) are sent from our Hong Kong branch to the manufactrer and wholesaler of each country. Sales of HK branch account for about 1.5% of our company, we'd like to expand the sales of export.

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