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Orion Zero Rhodium for electroplating
Black and White Rhodium Solution

Orion Zero makes it possible to deposit up to 0.5 micron. It can deposit a white brilliant bright color to various surface including gold, silver, copper and all precious metals. Metals like zinc, lead, aluminium, cadmium, iron and stainless steel are necessary to add intermediate before rhodium application.

The high range of operating parameter makes this product a very good alternative to your existing bath with an upgrade in the final Rhodium deposit. There will be no change to your production sequence and parameter if changing to Orion Zero. Zero Rhodium ZR-5 contains very low acid which will not cause acid building problem.

- Zero Ultra White rhodium, Zero Rhodium White and Black Rhodium are available for bath and pen electroplating.
- Ultra white, easy operate, high quality and reliable.
- Good throwing power and trouble free technology.
- Supply in
-- Zero Ultra White ; ZR5
-- Zero White ; ZMU2 and ZMU1


Orion Incorporation Ltd

Orion Incorporation Limited supplies precious metal electroplating solution. Our best seller Zero Rhodium electroplating solution are in both bath and pen plating. We supply in 100ml bottles for 1g, 2g and 5g concentration. Our rich technical background and well experienced technicians provide full support of your electroplating needs. We offers standard gold colour electroplating in powder and gelatine form which enhance ease of transportation. Another welcomed product of ours is the enamel system which assist our satified client to produce unique high competitve products. Not to count our electroplating kit and professional equipment for clients from small scale to large operation needs.
Please come to us for more details.

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