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Akoya-pearl Necklace /Loose Pearl
Our company serves Akoya-pearl necklace/loose pearl with plenty inventory. We can provide semi-finished products for wholesale according to customer needs. We also have some Akoya strands with certificates like Aurora Tennyo, Aurora Queen, Aurora Madama. (Retail service is not available.)

We can not submit a price list here because we must consider six factors: size, shape, color, coating thickness, luster, and surface condition for each pearl to be priced, and it is impossible to make an uniform price list for pearls according to the size.

Please note that we have the following policies for a provisional order;

1. Minimum amount US3,000.00
2. Advance Payment
3. No refund and no exchange.

If you have further question please feel free to contact with us.

MOQ : 0
Unit Price (US$) : 0.00
Lead Time : 3 – 4 weeks
  • #Round
  • #White
  • #6 mm-10 mm


Otsuki Pearl Co Ltd

OTSUKI PEARL is a cultivator with two domestic and two overseas affiliated cultivation companies as well as a trader in pearl distribution and manufacturer with strong combination of each part after thorough selection process. The integrated system from production, processing through distribution is the real strength of OTSUKI PEARL and the base of its high status in the competitive world of the pearl business. The pearl oysters are mainly cultivated in Ehime, Mie, Nagasaki and Kumamoto areas. We do the cultivation ourselves and produce large quantity of pearls, but in addition, we purchase more pearls from local cultivators in order to meet our customers' need. The pearls are purchased by bidding and trading at the local Pearl Cultivation Union. We purchase from 30% to 35% of the entire market and this is why OTSUKI PEARL is called the biggest and the leading pearl company. OTSUKI PEARL is well known not only in Japan but has a worldwide fame as the best and the largest pearl manufacturer. This is because our Company continues to keep the highest place in export in the industry since 1975. The Company's ability to meet and satisfy every need of our customers is made possible by our rich stock, highly skilled selection, and high processing technique. We never fail to satisfy the customers' expectations, and our sincerity makes our position as an exporter incomparable.

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