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Synthethic Ruby Identifier (SRI)
The Synthetic Ruby Identifier by Presidium is a ground-breaking desktop device that instantaneously identifies synthetic (flame fusion) rubies through its characteristic high UV transmittance. Utilizes UV light with auto cut-off and gives quick results with clear indicator lights to measure the UV transmittance ability of ruby gemstones.

The Synthetic Ruby Identifier is the world’s first and only tool, aside from expensive laboratory equipment, that identifies certain common synthetic rubies. It works well on both single mounted stones (with open-back setting) and loose rubies.

Product comes with 1 year warranty.

- Advanced technology that measures a ruby gemstone’s UV light transmittance ability
- 7 colour coded (blue/red) indicator light bars to give a low or high reading of UV light transmittance
- Instantaneous clear results within 2 seconds
- Exterior base foam padding to ensure non-slip sturdiness and prevent scratches to surfaces
- Stream-lined ergonomic design that enhances portability and stability
- Low battery indicator
- Energy-saving auto power-off of device after 10 minutes without operation
- Interior LED light source and testing area
- Energy-saving auto power-off of interior LED light source when lid of device is open or when Start Test button is not activated
- Bluetooth compatible
- USB port for alternative power source and connectivity

- Help to instantaneously identify most synthetic flame fusion rubies
- Tests on rubies within a range in dimension from 3 mm in width and up to 6mm in height (approx. 0.1 to 6 carat size)
- Tests on polished rubies of popular common shapes
- Recommended to be used on both loose stones and rubies mounted on jewelry with open-back setting

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Presidium Instruments Pte Ltd

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