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Inside Ring Engraving Machine - Mini (mPIREM)
Inside Ring Engraving Machine – Mini, is a user-friendly engraving instrument developed by Presidium, that allows traditional manual engraving for customization of rings.

Inside Ring Engraving Machine comes with an engraving diamond tip, a circular dial template, a complete set of operating instructions, a dust cover, and five brass sample rings. The engraving machine is manufactured to the highest standards with hardened powder-coated paintwork.

A sturdy and reliable manual engraving machine that provides ease of customization by engraving letters onto the inner surfaces of a ring.

Product comes with 1-year warranty.

- Wide ring-holding capacity of ring sizes from diameter Ø13 to Ø26mm
- Adjustable letter spacing
- Hardened powder-coated paintwork
- Compact size
- Hardened powder-coated paintwork
- Single lettering template of height 1mm and 2mm included
- 3 to 6 teeth movement (2 to 3mm) letter-spacing (pitch)

- Accommodates wide range of ring sizes
- Range of typefaces available as Accessories
- Simple and easy to use
- Strong and sturdy equipment build
- Comes with 1 piece 2-sided Engraving dial template where first side produces 1mm letters and second side produces 2mm letters
- Package includes 5 brass sample rings for testing and practice

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Presidium Instruments Pte Ltd

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