luxury diamond necklace set with blue sapphire , central in 5 ct Royal blue ceylon sapphire in 18k gold
  • #Gemstone


Quince Jewelry Limited

QUINCE, a young Hong Kong jewelry design company with our production based in panyu, China. We are comprised of a group of passionate and experienced designers to design and produce fine quality jewelry for our clients worldwide. Besides traditional luxury jewelry or bread & butter pieces, we believe every lady & gentlemen deserves to enjoy a much vivid world of delicate jewelry wearing. Our vision is to continue to innovate new way of idea, color, element and technique in jewelry creation with a touch of playful & fashion elegance; yet still an absolutely affordable luxury to the market. We insist our products are made of very fine quality stones with top craftsmanship. While we mainly focus diamond with all kinds of precious colour gems playing in 18k, we are always passionate to create something new to fulfil our clients’ need.

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