Equipment and Supplies

Equipment and Supplies
Wax Injection Machine for Jewellery Production
Sanei Casting - Japanese Technology

Sanei Vacuum Wax Injector(Elite)

New Clamp Features
A.X Axis: Automatic alignment function for left and right slight adjustment, which is very convenient for alignment and improves production efficiency greatly;
B. Z Axis: Pioneering automatic alignment function on up and down slight adjustment in Jewelry industry, the operator does not need to adjust the clamp height one by one when they continuously make different thickness rubber mould. This function may reduce the labor of the operator, lower the air leakage and wax leakage and improve production efficiency greatly.

Wax Injector Features
A. Upgraded clamp unit with extra function: automatic alignment function on up and down slight adjustment aiming at wax injecting nozzle.
B. Pioneering and Innovative wax injecting nozzle mirror makes a more direct observation of alignment of wax injecting nozzle and rubber mould in Jewelry industry.
C. Fully upgraded clamp unit allows a wider range of application than previous generation of rubber mould.
D. The position of the clamp cylinder is adjustable freely according to rubber mould's center of force.
E. The clamp unit adds a rapid lifting structure. The operator does not need any tools when processing different thickness rubber mould in the same wax injector machine. Two fingers are enough to position the wax injecting nozzle and the mouth of rubber mould into perfect match easily, conveniently and accurately.

Wax Injector Specifications
Power Supply: Single Phase, AC 100-220V±10%,50/60Hz
Rated Power: 500W
Temperature Display Range: 55~85℃ (131~185℉ )
Temperature Setting Range: 55~85℃ (131~185℉ )
Temperature Accuracy: ±01℃
Vacuum Timing Setting Range: 0~12(S)
Wax Injection Timing Setting Range: 0~12(S) Note: In manual mode, wax injection time is controlled by the operator.
Time Accuracy: 0.1S
Wax Tank Volume: ~3KG
Pressure Gauge Range: 0~0.25MPa (0~2.5Kg/cm²)
Fuse Rated Current: 5A
Packing Size: L 532 x W 382 x D 565 mm
Net Weight: 21.5KG

Clamp Unit Specifications
External Pressure Input: 0.4~0.7MPa
Pressure Regulating Valve Pressure Range: 0.25~0.3MPa
Pressure Sensor Display Range: - 5~240KPa
Primary Wax Injection Pressure Setting Range: 10~220Kpa
Secondary Wax Injection Pressure Setting Range: 10~220Kpa
Secondary Wax Injection Start Time Setting Range: 0~99.9(S)
Clamp Pressure Setting Range: 30~235Kpa
Forward Pressure Setting Range: 65~235Kpa
Clamp Hold Time Setting: 0~300(S)
Max Pieces Counting: 0~9999
Data Storage: 10,000
Starting Mode: Magnetic Induction or Press Button
Rubber mould Size (Standard): L 135 x W 105 x D 45 (max)
Rubber mould Size (Large): L 135 x W 135 x D 60 (max)
Packing Size: L 543 x W 278 x D 540 mm
Net Weight: 12KG


Sanei Jewellery Machinery Co Ltd

Sanei Jewellery Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter of digital vacuum pressure casting machine, digital vacuum wax injector, three phase melting machine for gold, silver, platinum, copper, alloy etc, and single phase desktop melting machine. We also provide maintenance service for imported jewelry processing machines and upgrading service for second hand jewelry processing machines since 2002. We have gained high reputation in jewelry processing industry for many years. Please write or call us for any further information. Thanks. (SANEI - JAPANESE TECHNOLOGY)

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