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Mini Type Melting Machine 1-2KG
**If you are looking for high quality jewellery melting machine, you will have your right choice from our company.**

Desktop Melting Furnace

Product Features
A.This desktop melting furnace uses regular electricity supply as input power supply. It is applicable for family workshop, small scale casting workshop and gold shop.
B.Heating method is medium frequency induction heating. Each pot of gold can be completely melted in 4 minutes.
C.Heating method is medium frequency induction heating. It allows continuous melting, no need to stop for cooling during the process.
D.Sanei is the first company that uses full aluminum case in this industry. Power loss is very small.
E.Various safety protection measures guarantee a secure environment for operators.
F.The service life of the machine can be extended under various safety protection measures.
G. The maximum melting capacity is 2KG pure gold per crucible.
H. Material Shapes: Powder, shots and strip can be melted by this machine.

Specifications of this mini type melting machine:
Applicable Location: Family workshop, small scaled casting, polishing powder recycling
Power Supply (Default): Single phase, AC 220V 50/60Hz 4.4KW
Power Supply (Optional): Single phase, AC 240V 50/60Hz 4.8KW
Power Line: Above 4mm²
Rated Current of Leakage Switch: 30A
Cooling Water Input Pressure: MIN 3 Bar / MAX 5 Bar
Speed of Cooling Water Input Flow: Above 3L/Min
Temperature of Cooling Water: 20~35℃(68~95℉)Not exceeding 40℃(104℉)
Temperature Display Range: 0~1370℃ (33.8~2498℉)
Temperature Setting Range: 0~1200℃ (33.8~2192℉)
Working Area Temperature: Max 1100℃
Heating Method: Medium frequency induction heating
Temperature Control (Default): Visual measurement
Temperature Control (Optional): PID temperature control, digital display(optional)
Melting Capacity: 1.0KG,1.5KG or 2.0KG gold
Standard Accessories: Crucible tongs, graphite crucible, ceramic crucible
Protection Measurement: Self-test protection such as water shortage, water temperature and overcurrent, non-loaded protection(no crucible).
Overall Dimensions: H290 x W 260 x D 600(mm)
Net Weight: 17.5 KG


Sanei Jewellery Machinery Co Ltd

Sanei Jewellery Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter of digital vacuum pressure casting machine, digital vacuum wax injector, three phase melting machine for gold, silver, platinum, copper, alloy etc, and single phase desktop melting machine. We also provide maintenance service for imported jewelry processing machines and upgrading service for second hand jewelry processing machines since 2002. We have gained high reputation in jewelry processing industry for many years. Please write or call us for any further information. Thanks. (SANEI - JAPANESE TECHNOLOGY)

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