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AURUNA® 502 is a neutral, cadmium-free gold copper electrolyte working without free cyanide. The red surfaces are bright, very hard and abrasion-resistant.

AURUNA® 502 is mainly used for decorative coatings, but it is suitable for technical applications such as slip rings as well. As gold-saving, low-carat layers, the surface exhibits very good corrosion and tarnish resistance.

The gold copper electrolyte can be used for rack and barrel plating, it can deposit layers of up to max. 10 μm in thickness.

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Umicore Galvanotechnik GmbH

We work worldwide and are among the leading suppliers of precious metal electrolytes and special processes for electroplating. We develop, manufacture and sell on a global scale precious metal and base metal electrolytes, precious metal components, dimensional stabile anodes and platinum coatings.

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