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White Jewelry Casting / Mechanical Working Alloy
We are a master alloy producer, which has huge experience for more than 20 years in jewelry casting.
In our product range, we have different options regarding various mechanical properties and color shades.
For getting the best results in casting and mechanical working operation please do not hesitate us to get contact.

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Unver Jewelery Ltd

Ünver Casting was founded in 1998 and started business near Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. Since then,,our main objective has always been customer satisfaction. Throughout the years we have invested in cutting edge technology and combined it successfully with our knowledge, expertise and quality consciousness. Today, with nearly 200 employees and casting 600 flasks daily, Ünver Döküm is the leading and largest casting shop in Turkey, serving its customers in 5 different locations, all in Istanbul. Ünver casting is capable of casting all variations of gold and silver jewellery alloys. Currently we are providing our customers complete line of lost wax casting process and beyond, including following: - Jewellery design, - CAD - Computer aided design, - Metal moulds, - Rubber moulds, - Wax models - Casting of pieces manufactured by 3D printers (CAM - Computer aided manufacturing), - Cast pieces of jewellery by regular lost wax process, - Stone setting and polishing services.

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