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GO - Laser Marking Machine
Go spesicaly created for jewellers who wants everything in a small form. Far from the complex using methods, go will satisfy all your marking-engraving needs with some clicks. Marking flat surfaces, Ring marking-engravings, Photo markings and Deep engravings are not a problem anymore. Go is the smallest all in one laser marking machine ever created for jewellery industry.

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Alpress Mould Design and Consulting Ltd

ing our customers, the producers to succeed and be different from their rivals in the sector with our slogan “ALPRESS, THE RIGHT ADDRESS”. In a short time, we have reached 62 countries with our molds and designs. With our knowledge and experience and improved “KNOW HOW” skills, we have reached abroad fast and been held up as an example in Turkey by starting export know-how. In this way, we had started to establish complete operating systems as “TURNKEY PROJECTS”. Furthermore, we also produced laser engraving machine and laser welding production. In addition, we have shown our seriousness to all users with our brand HERO, which can perform all operations together by combining the CNC machine with laser technology. With the motivation we get from here, we produced RAINBO, our machine that gives color with laser and by this, we share the happiness of having achieved a first in jewelery. All of our machines have already reached 18 countries with the brand name IDEA. Thank you very much for your trust.

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