18K Rose Gold-Pendant
Net weight 48.20 gram
TSAVORITE 2 pcs of 0.03 cts
PINK SAPPHIRE ROUNI 281 pcs of 3.60 cts
Brown Diamond 233 pcs of 2.46 cts
White Round Diamond 328 pcs of 2.84 cts

The adorable pendant features a cockatoo fluttering its glamorous wings made of pink sapphires and diamonds. Not only does it add a rosy glow to the wearer, this marvellous piece of jewelry also celebrates the joy and wonder of life, freedom and love.
  • #Gold


Aspire Designs Limited

MVee Haute Jewellery was created for the discerning luxury consumer in mind. Marrying impeccable craftsmanship with superior design, MVee transforms high quality materials such as diamonds, pearls, colour stones... into exquisite, wearable rings, pendants and earrings of art that make a bold and lasting statement. MVee channels the themes of fantasy and fashion. A global team of designers create jewellery born from dramatic ideas and finished with elegant, natural forms . Our jewellery have entirely unique and contemporary designs where the fire of diamonds is tempered with the coolness of style.

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