18K White Gold Bangle with Diamonds
18K White Gold Bangle with Diamonds


Bri-Star Jewellers Limited

Bristar Group has formed a new company BSJ INTERNATIONAL LTD under its group which will cater towards international market . Over the last 30 years Bristar has grown to become a globally trusted and respected player in today’s Jewelry industry. Originated in New York in 1988, Bri-Star made a strategic move to shift its business and manufacturing operation to Hong Kong and China in 2002 taking advantage of China's rock-bottom labor cost. Bri-Star specializes in diamond and colored-stone jewelry and exports to wholesalers, retailers and chain stores across the globe. With our competitive strengths in product development, design, manufacturing and quality control, we have won many awards in the jewelry industry as well as the highest recognition and confidence from our worldwide customers. Bri-Star’s expertise lies in an ability to produce consistent, quality and exquisitely designed and crafted jewelry. Bri-Star employs only the most technically proficient global experts and engineer to run their manufacturing operations in China and Hong Kong, using the most advanced CAD software and new CNC technology Bri-Star’s expertise in jewelry caters to the needs of clients around the world, amongst them many of the best known leading global brands and jewelry retailers. Bri-Star has alliance with one of the world's largest diamond sight-holders, which has given us competitive advantages over procurement of loose diamonds at competitive price and consistent quality.

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