Gemstone Set
n our manufacture, the gems are formed, cut and polished based on international criteria

in order to guarantee beauty and high quality to our products.

Although we work with the best local professionals,

DB has a strict quality control from the extraction up to the classification of faceted stones.

After being cut, each gem stone is strictly inspected to check its facets alignment, its caliber and the existence of any scratches or damages. This way we can certify that only the perfect stones go to our clients. In our products page you’ll be able to know about our great and varied stock of gem stones offered by DB and you’ll find out why we’re considered one of the most serious and reliable companies there is.


Duarte & Bastos Ltda

Since 1989 when it was founded, Duarte & Bastos Ltd. has been situating itself in the precious stone market as one of the most serious and reliable companies in the sector. All of its production undergoes a strict quality control process from the moment of extraction to the classification of polished stones, so clients can be assured that they are purchasing genuine and high quality gemstones which are formatted, cut, and polished according to world-class quality and design standards.

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