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Tsavorite (Green Garnet)
This piece has a pleasant leaf green color.

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  • #1.0 - 2.99 Carats
  • #Tanzania
  • #Cushion
  • #Untreated Natural Gemstone
  • #Single Stone
  • #No Effects


Emergreen Exports

Started business in the 1950s in India and operating in the South-East Asian region since 1965 this company was registered in Hong Kong in 1976. We are third generation in lapidary and trading of Gemstones engaged in cutting, trading and wholesale of natural color stones. In order to maintain quality and competitive prices, rough stones are imported directly from Africa and are processed, cut and polished in India & China. A variety of gems are cut in different shapes and sizes (both calibrated and non-calibrated) with different type of cuts and are marketed through our offices in Hong Kong, Thailand & Germany. Major items are AQUAMARINE, TANZANITE, TSAVORITE, ALEXANDRITE, RUBELLITE, PADPARADSCHA, EMERALD, STAR EMERALD, RUBY, STAR RUBY, SAPPHIRE, STAR SAPPHIRE, MORGANITE, KUNZITE, DANBURITE, TOURMALINE, BLUE MOONSTONE, IOLITE, BLUE ZIRCON, CAT' S EYE etc. Participating in major Jewellery Shows in Hong Kong and abroad.

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