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GLOBAL-FINDINGS.COM® GROUP LTD., as the name implies, is a group of manufacturers of high-quality precious metal beads, chains and findings. With a “Just-In-Time” delivery policy set as our target, we aim to open distribution offices carrying a large amount of inventory in all the major jewelry production centers worldwide. Our founder, Mr. Simone Callai, brings over 25 years of experience as a jewelry stylist, manufacturing consultant and distributor to the GLOBAL-FINDINGS.COM® GROUP LTD. The GLOBAL-FINDINGS.COM® GROUP LTD. concept came from our client’s needs to find a single supplier that offers a very wide range of products at competitive prices with very short delivery lead times. GLOBAL-FINDINGS.COM®, the core and the engine of the group, was created to improve and expand our distribution network through the development of expedient online distribution channels. We are building a B2B website to facilitate the distribution and sales of our products over the Internet.

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