Gorgeous Beauty: Jadeite Necklace
Warm, smooth touch of elegance is illuminated with dazzling diamonds and shines like stars. Center stone is a natural oval jadeite cabochon in solid emerald green from the ancient mine in Burma, accented with a fine setting for the ultimate magnificence.
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Jadmily Jewelry Corp Ltd

Jadmily Jewelry (in Chinese: 廷砡珠宝) was founded in 2005. The characters ‘ting yu’ carry a special meaning in Chinese, representing a unique heritage and the perfection and harmony of family. As such, the symbol of our brand was developed in accordance with the idea of the eternal circle in ancient Chinese tradition, in this way we hope that Jadmily Jewelry can give each person and family an heirloom bearing extraordinary pride, perfection, and deep meaning. Jadmily Jewelry hopes that each piece of jade we produce can become part of an individual’s “collection of a lifetime.” Our works are for those seeking to understand the infinite mystery of nature, heaven, and Earth, those who appreciate the proud bearing of jade, those with a long-term presence and vision, and are not at all suitable for the ordinary person. Therefore those who enter the realm of jade collectors are not only making visibly clear their extraordinary achievements, they are also displaying their own unique vision. In particular, jade and its special prominence within the jewelry world, carrying special cultural and traditional significance, has the ability to stand the test of time, possessing an unparalleled value equal to the collector her or himself. Therefore, adding to one’s jade collection is equivalent to adding a glorious note in the history of one’s life, as it becomes a part of the family honor and an heirloom to be passed on from one generation to the next

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