PS6334 925 Sterling Silver Pendant with CZ (AAA)
  • #Gemstone


Kam Shek Jewellery Company Limited

As a well-established silver jewellery manufacturer and exporter, Kam Shek Jewellery Co. Ltd have been established since 1988, with good experience in producing all kinds of silver jewellery. We are one of the largest and most complete sterling silver jewellery suppliers in Hong Kong. Our excellent workmanship, quality and service have earned us a worldwide reputation. Our major export markets are in North America, Western Europe and South East Asia. We have in the latest style a large variety of silver products with nickel free, such as pendants, earrings, bracelets, bangles, necklaces in plain silver, enamel, setting with CZ & semi-precious stones with rhodium plated. Development of new designs is also welcome.

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