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Diamond Necklace
Diamond CT/Pcs 23.379 / 2215
G18W wt 85.944 GM

MOQ : 1
Unit Price (US$) : 0.00
Lead Time : Within 2 weeks
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KGK Jewellery (HK) Limited

KGK Jewellery (HK) Ltd. is a part of the KGK group of companies established a hundred years back in 1905. In the past four decades our group has witnessed a tremendous growth in its diamond and jewellery business and has achieved numerous national awards for its performance and growth. Hong Kong is the core business centre, and our marketing teams are located in 20 offices worldwide. We have jewellery manufacturing facilities in India, Hong Kong and China, colour stone manufacturing in Bangkok, and diamond manufacturing facilities in India, China, South Africa and Russia. Our finished jewellery product line includes 18K and PT900 white and yellow gold. Our complete jewellery sets are created by experienced designers and fabricated by skilled craftsmen. In today's highly dynamic and competitive market, we strive to remain in the forefront of the industry not only by offering creative styling, excellent value and consistent quality but also aim to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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