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akoya necklace&loose
The classic Japanese Akoya pearl necklace and loose

MOQ : 10
Unit Price (US$) : 1000.00
Lead Time : 3 – 4 weeks
  • #Round
  • #White
  • #6 mm-10 mm


Kuwayama Corporation

Kuwayama has established its Business and Administrative Departments in the compnay’s head office in Tokyo. Kuwayama is active overseas as well, with bases of operation in Antwerp, New York and Hong Kong. Kuwayama divides its production operations between domestic factories in Japan and factories overseas to achieve the optimum in production capability. The world of jewellery making is one that is greatly dependent on high-quality craftsmanship and skill. Kuwayama has successfully introduced various systems and equipment for mass-producing precious metal jewellery of the highest quality. Kuwayama is also engaged in the development of new materials. This is a reflection of the technical development capability and prowess of the company.
The essence of the design policy of Kuwayama could be summed up as “a design reflects the flavor of the times.” The jewellery design of Kuwayama is born from originality and a clear vision of the future while adding a sense of essence.

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